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  • Recruit Chinese Students in their Hometowns

    Tailored to your specific needs.

    The Sunrise International Tour is a carefully planned program directed at institutions wishing to build long-lasting connections with Chinese high school students by coming to China and visiting their schools directly.

  • A Fun And Rewarding Experience In China

    Here is a recap from our 2017 Fall Tour, this is how we do it



    Tour Engagement is the best way to reach Chinese students and build long-term connections with overseas student communities. Within a week, institutions receive the opportunity to engage with hundreds of students from various areas in China.

    We incorporate a variety of events into our tours to ensure maximum engagement, including school visits, partner meetups and private expos. Our events are interactive, engaging and fun—from both the student's and university's angle.



    workshops and agent meetings


    contacts of students and consulors


    students engaged


    school visits



    Our events are personalized and targeted, and provide ideal opportunities for you to display your unique strengths, engage potential students and build long-term relationships.



    This itinerary is for the full tour, if you wish to sign up for a partial tour, please only refer to the two weekends.








    The Sunrise international tour is ideal for universities wishing to expand their outreach into China to connect with students on a more personal level. We also provide marketing support for clients who wish to improve their image for the purpose of this tour or future events. Our marketing support can cover both design and promotional needs, making your institution more appealing and accessible to the Chinese audience.








  • Post-Tour Follow-Up Package

    If you travel and recruit, you know the importance of a good follow-up email. Building connections in China is not easy, and maintaining these relationships is even more difficult. A nicely designed and translated newsletter with a personal touch is ideal but time-consuming. Let Sunrise help you create a template that deepens the impression and reinforces the connection between you and the students you met on Tour.

    • One bilingual email & newsletter template for a single event with room for customization like receipt, region, a particular program, etc.
    • Chinese attachment creation: one card only.
    • WeChat group chat creation and QR code incorporation in follow-up email




    Expanding your institution into China does not need to be difficult. We assist our clients in building a respectable presence in the Chinese market by offering a number of services:

    • A landing page with a local Chinese server and domain

    • Design of brochures in Mandarin

    • Design of targeted flyers

    Our in-house team of designers and editors will collaborate to represent your institution, ensuring that design and branding complement one another. This guarantees that the content is meaningful and attractive for interested students and parents.



    Similar to the US, social media is also an essential platform to reach and engage the younger generation in China. However, the Great Firewall of China has made it impossible to utilize your existing tools like Facebook and Instagram, which means establishing a presence on Chinese platforms like WeChat and Weibo is a necessary development. Traveling on Tour is the perfect opportunity for you to drive followers and create a community online. Let Sunrise help you create and manage a WeChat or Weibo account and optimize your time in China.


    WeChat – An official account on WeChat is similar to a Facebook page where you display information and share important updates with followers. Being the dominating social app in China, students and parents view it as an authorized and reliable source of information.


    Weibo – Combining the functions of Instagram and Twitter, Weibo is a hybrid platform for broadcasting and marketing. A public account on Weibo can easily push content to thousands of targeted audience whether they are already a follower or not.





    Full Tour (10 days): $11,200

    China Hotels (11 nights): $1,820
    China Domestic Transportation: $800


    To learn more, visit the Sunrise Website.



    If, for any reason, you cannot join the full tour and you still want to participate, please contact us directly.













    Activities that Inspire



    Sunrise is a social enterprise dedicated to reforming global education through building English-language extracurricular programs abroad. Sunrise is changing the meaning of 'international recruitment' through our events.


    Sunrise hosts over 200+ tournaments and conferences globally each year, and has engaged over 125,000 high school and university students through workshops, events and training programs.


    To learn more, visit the Sunrise Website.



  • Meet the Sunrise Crew

    Summer Tan

    Summer has been running our China Tours for the past two years. Whatever concern you may have about traveling in China, be it food or taxi scams, she's got your back. Claimed to be the Director of Fun at Sunrise, she is also an active organizer of fun events like KTV and games. She also loves fuzzy or fluffy animals; her favorite is definitely her cat Yoshi.

    Tracy Zhou

    Tracy stepped into this field after she graduated from her university 2015. As a travel bug and a big fan of human geography, she has been to over 30 cities both big and small all around China. She's super excited to travel with you on the Sunrise Tour and she promises she'll recommend you the most delicious local food. Welcome to China!

    Keating Sherry

    Keating is an experienced international educator and entrepreneur, who taught at Hong Qiao International School and English First in Shanghai from 2011-2014. He's thrilled to be joining you on the Sunrise Tour and has a boundless passion and energy for traveling in China.

    Jorson Zhao

    Jorson is probably the most passionate singer you will ever see in China, but as the logistics manager of our China Tours, he is also the top among our most organized and thoughtful staff. Don't be surprised if you hear Jorson perform a cheerful song while we are walking into a school.